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Bradley Sheraton Hotel / October 17th - 21st

The 2013 Reunion is now a pleasant memory for all who attended. Our 13th separate reunion was held in the Hartford, CT Airport Sheraton. Air travelers were able to be in the hotel within moments of landing. There was no need to catch a shuttle or taxi. Best of all, the Sheraton staff was very helpful and friendly attempting to accommodate our every need. Although this type of convenience is not often found, we will look for other locations with reasonably priced airport hotels. All attendees are encouraged to share your impressions. A survey was sent to attendees and more than half have been returned. The comments provide valuable insight as we plan future reunions. The 93rd veterans attended all or part of the reunion. There were two veterans, Donald Berry and Peter Rembetsy who attended for the first time. We were delighted to meet them. At our annual business meeting, members approved revisions to our By-Laws to remove the numerous references to the 2ADA and adjust duties among the officer positions. The newly approved October 2013 By-Laws and the annual meeting minutes are included elsewhere in this issue. Through the generous contributions of our members, the funds were provided to install the Hardwick Museum security system. Work is underway to provide state-of-the-art protection to the valuable collection of 93rd memorabilia. Our 2014 reunion is in Dayton, OH, and we voted to visit Omaha, NE in 2015.

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Reunion Webcast - Hartford, CT 2013

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