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93rd BGA President's Message

Winter/Spring 2023

Happy New Year! Hard to believe it is already February, 2023! What a great start to the New Year! We hope everyone is doing well.

At our annual business meeting at our 2022 Boston reunion our membership approved the funding of three very important projects for 2023 as follows and here is the status:

1) Purchase of additional “out of print” Ted’s Travelling Circus books for our PX – complete and in inventory. Buy yours today if you haven’t already!!

2) Continue phase 1 updates and refresh of our 93rd BG website with new functionality – complete. Check it out at (Congrats to Michael Sellers and TEAM!) and

3) continue work on development of a Memorial Garden at the site of the Hardwick Museum in the UK – in process. John Marx is leading.

Also, we are establishing an Advanced Committee with the following goals:

1) identifying plans for retaining and engaging existing members,

2) recruiting new members,

3) planning for future transition of leadership to 3rd & 4th generations, and

4) how to ensure we continue to serve the mission of the 93rd BGA per our By-Laws.


We will be having another “ZOOM” mid-year education session on Saturday, April 22, 2023 at 1:00 PM eastern time! See details further in the BOF! Hope everyone will join!

Also, our reunion planning for Dallas is progressing nicely! The hotel contract is signed, education sessions are being planned, the draft schedule is being formed, and events are being planned! More information can be found in this BOF! Hope to see everyone there in November.

Have a great Spring season and stay safe! Jim Root, President, 93rd BGA

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