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93rd BGA President's Message

Summer/Fall 2023

The year certainly is “flying” right by fast! Only 2-1⁄2 months left to our annual reunion in Dallas!

More info later in this BOF newsletter – but also we will be sending a 2023 Dallas reunion “SPECIAL EDITION” by the end of September. It will have final registration information, PLUS previews of the annual 93rd BGA business meeting agenda and all pre-read documents. You don’t want to miss it!

Here are a few updates to the work going on by the 93rd BGA Officers and committees:

  1. The 2023 Dallas reunion planning details are being finalized and another fabulous schedule of events is planned! Set your calendars for November 9 – 13, hope to see everyone there!

  2. Our Advancement Committee, led by Jean Koznarek has completed their work and is presenting their recommendations and suggestions to the Officers in August.

  3. From our Veterans, members, family members and guests a HUGE thank you for donating to the annual Bombs Away fundraising. This support is vital to fund our many projects necessary to meet our important mission and purpose of “carrying on the traditions and memories of the 93rd Bomb Group”! We are so blessed, honored and proud to be able to serve all of our 93rd veterans and generational 93rd families to continue the legacy! Thank you all for your continued support!

  4. Our social media presence continues to be strong, especially on our Facebook page! If you haven’t joined/followed the page you should do so. The official page for our BGA is “93rd Bombardment Group.” We currently have over 1,300 members on the list. Both Michael Sellers and Don Morrison do a fantastic job, as Administrators, to keep the information “flowing” and watching for scammers on our page.

  5. Our 2 year financial audit is being conducted by our Audit committee, including our Treasurer, Kenna Payne, Jim Stockton, and Donnie Morrison. Results will be reviewed at our annual business meeting. Thank you to all!

  6. Our work and support of the Army Department of the POW/MIA Agency (DPAA), in identifying remains, primarily focused now on the losses from the Ploești Raid of August 1, 1943, is tremendous! We thank John Marx for his leadership and ALL of the members and friends who assist by attending the funeral ceremonies, representing the 93rd BGA!

  7. I would also like to thank our Officer Advisors, Joe Duran and Dick Brown, for their guidance and participation with our monthly 93rd BGA Officer monthly meetings. It is invaluable!

  8. Our connection and engagement to the 104 Aerodrome Hardwick Museum in the UK is strong as ever, and we appreciate their willingness to host visitors, as well as conduct their monthly local “Open Days”! What a fabulous event and Museum!

  9. On a sad note, one of our Veterans, Ernie Perez passed away in California. Another great 93rd Bomb Group hero of the Greatest Generation gone but not forgotten!

More information can be found in this BOF on our efforts! Hope to see everyone in November. Have a great summer/fall and stay safe!

Jim Root, President, 93rd BGA

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