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93rd BGA President's Message

Spring 2024

Welcome to 2024! The year has started with a lot of activity and work in support of the 93rd BGA and our Veterans! As a result of implementing the new, approved By-Laws, and from the recommendations and suggestions from the Advancement Committee’s work of 2023, we have a full slate of work as follows:

  1. Update Organization Structure – Jim Root
    a. Complete - in approved By-Laws 11/11/23
    b. Created org charts for use by committees 1/13/24 (see on next page)

  2. Create a Membership Committee – Mary Yamamoto

    1. Complete - 1st mtg. 12/4/23

    2. 2nd meeting on 1/7/24

  3. Create a Technology Committee – Michael Sellers TBD – Michael S.

  4. Create a Reunion Committee – John Marx
    Co-chair serving as a trainee - TBD by Nominating Committee

  5. Reunions schedule - Board
    Have a “traditional” national reunion bi-annually, with “off years” regional reunions. TBD – requires Board discussion.

  6. Create a Nominating Committee – Board

    1. Complete at reunion 11/12/23

    2. Members include Jan Dondi, Anne Pancella, & George Jung

    3. 1st mtg. completed 1/16/24

  7. Send Annual Business Meeting info out no less than 30 days prior – Pam Kawashima Complete – started in BOF special edition 9/17/23

  8. Create Policies and Procedures for each job, event, and process – Jim Root

    1. Initial drafts complete 2/10/24

    2. Being reviewed by the Board

  9. Historical Access - greater access to additional historical information – Michael Sellers TBD - Strategy to discuss at Board meeting 3/11/24

  10. Creating a directory should be created for the membership – Mary Yamamoto a. Possible approval from members noted in renewal notice?
    b. Membership Committee action

  11. Invite a person from Hardwick Museum would serve as a “key member” – Jim Root TBD – Jim to discuss with Hardwick and Don Morrison meeting in March?

  12. Eliminate the Asst. Treasurer position – Membership Complete - in approved By-Laws 11/11/23

  13. Revise Mission Statement – Membership Complete - in approved By-Laws 11/11/23

  14. 2024 Colorado Springs reunion – John Marx/Committee
    Planning is in full swing, being joined by the Heritage League and the 467th Bomb Group

  15. 15. KIA/MIA Agency (DPAA) of 93rd BG Veterans - John Marx Support continues with assistance to the families of the 93r        recovered remains from Ploesti

16. Memorial Garden at Hardwick Proposed concept under review

17. HOTSTUFF Memorial in Iceland

      Support continues for on-going maintenance

More information can be found in this BOF! Hope to see everyone in October 2024! Have a great Spring! Jim Root, President, 93rd BGA

Jim Root, President, 93rd BGA

Here is a graphical representation of the Structure of the 93rd BGA, based on the approved By-Laws:

Screen Shot 2024-03-18 at 11.36.51 AM.png
Pres Message
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