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Interview with Bill Brown 
93rd Bomb Group veteran
Produced by Sara Brown
16 minutes

Bill was born in Omaha in 1920. Before the war, he had just graduated from Technical High School. He enlisted in 1942 into what was then called the Army Air Corps. He was part of the 93rd Bombardment Group as a bomber pilot and successfully completed 35 missions into enemy territory. He’s still a decorated veteran. Last year he received the Medal of Honor from the French Foreign Legion for food supply missions. The medal he’s the proudest of is the Distinguished Flying Cross. He’s been to at least 20 reunions with the 93rd Bomb Group. One reunion stands out from the rest at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. It’s a memory that’s emotional for him.

Bill is featured in the 93rd documentary Return To Hardwick.​

Bill Brown Audio
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