93rd Bomb Group Reunion 2014
Webcast (re-broadcast) - Dayton, Ohio


Below are events that occured during the 93rd Bomb Group's 2014 reunion held October 16th to the 20th.

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Welcome Dinner
Guest Speaker and Reunion Schedule
Thursday October 16th / 30 min.

USAF Museum Tour
Doolittle Raid, B-24, Vet Interviews
Friday October 17th / 23 min.

93rd BG Memorial Service
USAF Museum Garden
Friday October 17th / 12 min.

B-24 Cocktail Hour
USAF Museum / Group Photo
Friday October 17th / 13 min.

USAF Museum Dinner
Dinner with 384 BG / Live Band
Friday October 17th / 22 min.

93rd Business Meeting
2016 Location / Hardwick Film
Saturday October 18th / 1 hr. 44 min.

93rd BG Memorial Dinner
Flag Folding Ceremony, Vets Table
Saturday October 18th / 37 min.