The museum at Hardwick airfield.
Much valuable research information + forums. Requires registration and password to post to the forums (free). Many knowledgeable people are regular contributors.
Web site of the 2nd Air Division Memorial Library in Norwich
A volunteer squadron which operates and maintains the CAF B-24A in Midland, TX
(2008 93rd Reunion)

Tribute Site for 1st Lt. Leland H. Walzel, a bombardier with the 330th squadron
This site is always looking for photographs of airfields, control towers and related items from any era.  All information welcome!
The Heritage League (or 'HL') was established in 1987 by its parent organization, the Second Air Division Association (or '2ADA'). The HL mission is educating following generations about the sacrifices



Please contact the group to add other links you think will help others in their research.



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