Happy 2020! Hope the year started off well for all of our 93rd BGA veterans, family & friends!
Your Officers have a lot of work going on in support of the 93rd BGA – we are off to a great start of the year! Below are the highlights of what we are working on (Look for more details in this issue of the BOF, for some of these):

  • Reunion planning (US)– Another fantastic reunion is being planned for October, 2020 in Salt Lake City, UT! It will be another fun reunion for the 93rd BGA family – hope you can join us!

  • Reunion planning (UK) – A trip to Hardwick is being planned for May, 2020 (coming up fast)! This is always a wonderful trip to learn more about the 93rd Bomb Group’s Hardwick Aerodrome 104, (home during WW II), and tour the Museums at Hardwick and Norwich, and attend the Memorial Service for the 2nd Air Division.

  • “Return to Hardwick” – we had very successful screenings of the film around the world, creating a ton of interest and “buzz” about our 1st class documentary! We are now moving into the phase of marketing and distribution.

  • Membership renewals – This is the time of year to finalize your membership (if you haven’t already)! It is a great way to support the 93rd BGA, and our mission to “carry on the traditions and memories of the 93rd Bomb Group.”

  • 93rd BGA PX – A small sub-committee has been formed to look at our PX products and processes, to enhance our website offerings, and our reunion activities. If you have suggestions for what type of products you would like to see, please contact me!

  • 93rd BGA projects – Per our reunion business meeting, we are investigating (4) potential projects that the Association could/should work on in support of our mission. This includes developing proposed concepts, costs, and timing, to see which project(s) would be appropriate for us to move forward with.

These are:

  • 1) enhancing the 93rd BG memorial located at the US Air Force Museum in Dayton, OH,
    2) scanning/cataloging 93rd BG wartime daily logs for better searchability,
    3) provide support and resources to expanding the Museum at Hardwick (if/when needed per their request for the 4th quanset hut building), and
    4) explore annual fundraising options for the 93rd BGA , necessary to carry on our stated purpose (right now our only source of budget to the general fund, is though membership fees). Sub-committees and volunteers are assigned to help with all 4, but if you have a particular interest, and want to help, please contact me!

  • Alignment with other WW II groups – We have initiated exploratory conversations with the Heritage League, to determine if there is any interest, or benefit in combining some activities or events, particularly at our annual reunions. We have attempted this in the past with other organizations, with little success; however, the Officers continue to be connected to other groups in an effort to “benchmark” and look for ways to help each other out.

    Be sure to check our websites, at www.hardwickfilm.com and our 93rd BGA website, www.93bg.com. Have a great Spring, and we will see you in Salt Lake City in October, 2020!


  • Jim Root
    President, 93rd BGA