Hardwick Aerodrome 104: Home of the 93rd Bomb Group / 8 minutes


The inspiration for this 8 minute piece came from an article written in the 93rd's very own newsletter - The Ball Of Fire Quarterly Express. A 93rd BG veteran by the name of Ed Reilly wrote an excellent account of his visit back to Hardwick in 1975.  Hardwick during the war was not only a small city supporting thousands of U.S. Army Air Corps personnel but a place that conducted strategic bombing campaings over Germany and other targets. The documentary will follow 2nd, 3rd and 4th generation 93rd Bomb Group members on a reunion to England honoring the veterans that served there. The film will also venture onto the current day airbase with a historian and local guide exploring what is left.  The history from WWII is fading fast along with the greatest generation. Learn more about the project and help out if you can.   Please go the donation page if you would like to contribute HERE.