Email that was sent to the BOFQE Editor March 4, 2015



My Dad, Wallace Spencer, was assigned as Bombardier to the crew of Pilot Russell J Kapp in August 1944. They were assigned to the 330th Bomb Squadron, 93rd Bomb Group located at Hardwick, approximately 15 miles from Norwich, England. After 15 missions together Wally was reassigned to the Lead plane, under Jimmy Powell.  March 23rd Wally’s plane received heavy flak as he was preparing to drop a bomb over the railroad in Munster, Germany.  The plane went in to a spin, unfortunately only 3 men from a crew of 10 survived. They were caught by the Germans of course, and taken to prison camp until they were freed by our troops.


















Wally’s original crew with Russ thought he had died in the plane crash, but he showed up at their “good bye” party when the war was over, as everyone was preparing to leave London for their homes in America.  His dear friend, Russ wasn’t at the “good bye” party, he did not know Wally was alive until a few years later.


Russell Kapp kept a diary during their time in war, along with photos and some great details on the crews.  I combined Russ’s story with interviews with Wally, to complete the story from his perspective about the crash and life afterwards. As Russ’s story ended believing my Dad had died in the crash, it’s an interesting perspective to hear “the rest of the story”…


We hope your readers enjoy this story – it’s so important to keep these stories and memories alive.  Thank you very much for managing this website for the brave men & women that fought and for their families to share.




Leigh Broadfoot