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93rd Bomb Group A ssociation Fundraisers

The 93rd Bombardment Group Association, Inc. is a organization that has been granted and operates with a tax-exempt non-profit status under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. It may receive charitable contributions, which are tax-deductible to the donor.

The Officers send you greetings and hope that you are well and safe.


We are announcing the first annual fund campaign to raise monies for the 93rd -Bombardment Group Association. With your support, we believe that an annual campaign will provide continuing opportunities to several ongoing projects, outlined below. This annual event will be known as :


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Details of the Fundraising Campaigns

BALL OF FIRE LEGACY FUND (formerly named the General Fund) will be used for both the program needs of the Association and the support of other smaller projects that might be considered in the future. Any donations that are received without any other designation will be credited to this Fund.


The TEGGIE ANN FUND (formerly named the Return to Hardwick Fund) will provide monies to cover the costs of implementing, marketing, or distribution of large projects for serving the 93rd BGA’s mission of providing special historical or educational opportunities.


The BOMERANG FUND (formerly named the Hardwick Museum Fund) will provide monies to assist the Museum when needed and for approved projects, in both physical and program expenses in the coming years. Such needs might include minor building repairs, equipment and supplies purchasing, programming expenses, creating and maintaining exhibits, etc.


The HOT STUFF FUND will provide monies to expenses related to the maintenance of the Association-sponsored memorial in Iceland.