Brown Paper

This is my Dad, Donald Leroy Butterfield. He was a gunner on "Big Noise" early in the war and flew 25 missions before coming home. He's pictured here after completing 14 missions with 11 to go. He was assigned to the 93rd Bomb Group, 330th Squadron out of Hartwick. My younger brother still has his flight jacket as well as his log and other memorabilia.


Crew of "Big Noise"(42-40969) Standing L-R D.L Butterfield (Right Waist), R.L Weems(Co-pilot). J.B Weiss (Pilot), W.J. Koehn (Navigator), C.F Lang (Tail), Kneeling L-R R.G. Ziegenmeyer (Ball), C.C Zolonka (Bombadier), C.N Boyer (Engineer), W. Wanda (Left Waist), R.J Withers (Radio Operator),

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Screen Shot 2019-05-01 at 12.16.58

A Facebook thread below from the original posting of these photos.