93rd Bomb Group Association / Heritage League Reunion/Convention 2022

Optional Two-Day Extension

“Revolutionary War in Massachusetts”

11 - 13 October 2022


As we did once before, we are going to have an optional two-day extension on October 11th & 12th to explore the Revolutionary War history in the Boston area.  We will visit the Boston Tea Party site, Lexington and Concord. Old North Church, Paul Revere House, Washington’s Cambridge Headquarters.  The extension is open to everyone.  


The deadline for hotel reservations is Wednesday, September 7th.  After that date, the hotel will release any remaining rooms.  Advance payment for meals, transportation, and entertainment are required.  Please submit your registration form(s) and payment by Sep 15.

During our four-day reunion, we will have a glimpse at Boston’s history in the early days of our nation.  There isn’t enough time to explore the many sites associated with the events that helped unite the colonists and move the revolution forward.  King George III made a series of decisions that forced the hand of those who could no longer tolerate the oppression and abuse the English government forced on their colonists.


To look more closely at the beginnings, we have designed an optional two-day addition to our reunion.  For those who are interested in taking part, we have developed an itinerary that begins with the Boston Tea Party ships and museums, includes visits to Lexington and Concord where the first shots were fired, visits to the Old North Church, the Paul Revere House and the Longfellow house—better remembered as Washington’s Headquarters during the Boston Siege.


Participants can retain their rooms at the Four Points and enjoy a hearty breakfast to start the day.  Transportation and museum entrances will be provided. Time will be provided for lunch and dinner on your own.  Each participant will pay $125.00 for two days.

To register for the 2-Day Extension indicate it in your normal reunion registration.

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